(Search Engine Optimisation)

If you've had your fill of well-meaning but brain numbing geek speak then you've come to the perfect place. We love the nerdi-ness of SEO but when it comes to chatting with our clients, we find straight talking plain english works best.

We help Geelong businesses understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), how it applies to their business and what they can do to improve their website's visibility on search engines.

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Q: What if our website is on Squarespace, Wordpress or Shopify?

We don't mind if your website's built on a Wordpress, Squarespace or a Shopify website platform. Each platform has a unique way of handling SEO instructions but we're well equipped to wrangle SEO goodness into a website no matter the platform.  We're straight talking folk and will give you the good, bad and downright frustrating points of SEO for your chosen platform. The very last thing we want you to do is throw away a perfectly decent website (that you've possibly spent buckets of cash'ola on) because you think (or have been told by 'experts') that it's got Buckley's Chance chance of ranking in search engines.

Q: What's the SEO process?

We kick off our SEO work with a full Technical SEO audit of your website. This helps us identify some of the more technical elements that may be a little amiss on your site. Once we've listed and then fixed the technical elements, we get all up in the face of Keyword Research.

Researching relevant industry keywords and search volumes helps us unlock your SEO opportunities. Using specialist SEO tools, we also take a peak at your competitors and see how well they’re doing their SEO and what keywords are sending traffic to their website. With a list of strong keyword phrases under our belt, we then work to implement these into the relevant areas on your website where Google looks for signposts about your content.

Next up is copywriting time! We embark on creating and implementing some well written, solid SEO copy for specific pages on your website.


What, you think we're finished? Sorry, no yet.

Once your house is in order (and by house we mean your website is all hunky-dory), then we hit the external factors that influence your rankings for various keyword phrases.


Q: What the hell are external SEO factors?


When talking SEO, external factors refers to things outside of your own website. Things such as what other websites link to your site and the wording used to describe that link. This is where some solid SEO strategy and establishing long term SEO goals comes in to play. We’re talking back linking outreach, guest blog posting and citations.

If you think your website could use a little SEO attention, lets chat.

External factors are part of what we, specialists in SEO for Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify Websites, look at to help growing Geelong Businesses rank better on Google.