Mailchimp and Shopify break up: Will your email marketing survive?

Mailchimp Shopify, what you should do next.

If you use Mailchimp for email marketing you’ve likely heard that Mailchimp app will no longer be supported on Shopify websites What does this mean and if you run a Shopify website? Are you effected and how do you work around it without losing your mind? In this article we give you the options and the pros and cons to finding the best solution so you can continue your email marketing efforts without interruption.

“The Mailchimp for Shopify app is going away on May 12. We recommend connecting your Mailchimp account to your Shopify store via a third-party integration or using a workaround. “

What does it mean?

A statement from Mailchimp says “they {Shopify and Mailchimp} were at odds over how customer data was shared between the two companies”. Shopify released a different statement and different reasoning, which indicates it hasn’t been an amicable split. As a business small business you likely don’t care why they split up or the spat they’ve had, you’re far more interested in how to make sure your business can keep clicking along.

As the two will no longer communicate with each other here’s some user case examples of what won’t work once the MailcChimp app is deleted from the Shopify App store on May 12. A simple example is if someone signs up to your Mailchimp app powered email list on your Shopify website, that information can no longer be transferred to your Mailchimp database. This will effect:

  • Back in Stock emails

  • Abandoned Cart emails

  • Pop up email sign up forms

  • Purchase activity intel

  • Save to wishlist intel

  • Retargeting emails

What do to?

Option 1) Take The Easy Road

The recommended guide from Mailchimp is to install a third party app such as ShopSync, Zapier or . This means any customer information is sent to the third party app and then onward to your Mailchimp database.

Pros - easy installation. Free options.
Cons - adds another step and application to the process.

To activate one of these options grab the app and install on your Shopify store in the apps tab and follow the prompts to connect the app to you Mailchimp account.

Option 2) Haul Ass Outta There

If you’re been frustrated by Mailchimp lately then this could be a good time to explore a new email marketing partner. Were crushing hard on Klayvio and Active Campaign in particular at the moment. If Mailchimp is considered an entry level email marketing software then Klayvio and Active Campaign then we’re be happy to call these platforms mid level. They require a little bit of learning time but they both have sophisticated automation and customer intelligence options.

Pros - Move up to next level email marketing, Expect top support from the new platforms
Cons - Learning new platform, need to move data and campaigns

Option 3) Workaround

If your email communications are limited to a sign up form then you can embed Mailchimp form code onto you Shopify site. This avoids the use of the app and will therefore will continue to work.

Pros - Keeps it simple
Cons - Limited email information collection

You’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons and work out what’s will work best for your business. If you need help figuring it all out we’d be happy to assist.

Kerri Bennett Digital Producer.

Kerri Bennett

Digital Producer with 15+ Years of Digital Strategy, Project Management & SEO