Kerri Bennett Yellow Door Digital Geelong

Yellow Door Digital is is a non-corporate, straight talking, honest digi-geek with buckets of digital knowledge to share. Working with local Geelong businesses to nut out brilliant digital marketing opportunities and execute solid digital strategy to give customers all the happy vibes you get from having your digital marketing under control.

Based in Geelong, we're hands on and ready to help you reach your business goals. From website maintenance and upkeep, content creation, SEO, website development, site redesigns and email marketing. We love digital and love helping Geelong SMBs get more savvy online and grow their businesses.

We believe in being straight talking, we don't speak geek (well not to our clients anyway!) so you'll always have a clear understanding of what we are doing to service your digital requirements.

Fancy a chat about the digital opportunities for growth in your business?