Free Desktop Wallpaper To Help You Work Like a Pro

Free Productivity desktop wallpaper. Work like a pro.

If you’re guilty of a completely messed up, unworkable, chaotic looking desktop then read on.

We too have been overwhelmed by the mess we’ve created on our desktop. Why save a file deep in your computers filing system when you can drop it on your desktop? Seems a perfectly reasonable thing to do at the time, but you end up with files and folders dotting your desktop like a badly designed patchwork quilt. Worst still you can’t even find that download or file that you saved to your desktop for easy access. Am I right? Of course I am, because I’ve been there.

Recently I decided to do a desktop clean up. There goes a good hour or so of my day into the unproductive basket. As I was sorting, deleting, re-reading the goodies I’d left for myself on my desktop I decided I needed to be more efficient and productive with my desktop wallpaper. Forget the inspiring quotes and photos of my happy family, I needed a wallpaper that helped me order these files, folder shortcuts and applications. I needed some structure damn it. So because I’m a get in an doer kind of girl (yes, Aquarian trait) I created one and I’m happy to share it with you so you can work like a pro too.

Hit the button to get the file immediately. No sign ups, email forms or questions to answer, just a download that {hopefully} helps you be a little more organised.

Let me know if you love it and are using it to work like a pro. I’m on Instagram, Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Need instructions on how to install the download? Here for MAC and here for PC