SEO: The Truth about your new 'SEO ready' website

Is your new website Optimised for Search Engines.

The truth about SEO Optimisation on your new website

As a digital marketing agency we are often approached by clients who feel unhappy that their newly built website that isn’t ranking well on Google. Many even highlight that the developers contract stated that it would be optimised for SEO.

To determine why there’s sometimes a misunderstanding , let’s explore what SEO Optimised means in Web Development proposals.

When clients don’t see immediate Google rankings love from their new website, they can be quick to point the finger thinking their website developer has dropped the ball. However, providing you have engaged a reputable developer (more on this in another post), it’s likely your site is solid and all the basics of SEO optimisation are done. However to rank well for the keywords and phrases that matter (and convert) for you, requires a dedicated SEO focus and that is a completely different piece of work than a new website build.

Unless you developer engages in extensive keyword research about your business, competitors and your industry, how can they know what phrases to optimise your website for?

With a combination of:

  1. Your Domain name

  2. The natural mentions of your business name within the content

  3. The uniqueness of your business name

  4. Location

You will be likely to rank for your business name in your region without a great deal of additional SEO work and expertise.

A web developer is not necessarily an SEO Specialist.

What SEO does the developer do?

A decent web developer, who has quoted that your site will be optimised for Search engines will need to make sure your website loads fast and your images, headings and titles tags are all optimised.

They’ll should ensure your URL structure and architecture is solid including your website hosting. They will have also recommended having well written body content on your pages.

If your website developer has done all of this, then they’ve lived up to their website quote claim and have provided you with a website that is optimised for SEO.

Your next move is to undertake keyword research on your industry, competitors and brand to discover the keyword phrases, backlink opportunities and localisation options (if relevant) to ensure your new website ranks for the keyword phrases that deliver a highly engaged and ready to convert customer.

The work of researching the keyword phrases and ensuring those phrases are naturally and relevantly included within your site content so that it drives the right traffic to your website, is the work of an SEO specialist. An SEO specialist takes an SEO ready website and utilises the good structure and specialist skills to increase your websites presence in search engines.

What will an SEO Specialist do?

Technical SEO Audit

Providing you engaged a decent developer, your website will have good structure and be ready to be further SEO optimised. We review the technical SEO of you website including the structural elements via a technical SEO audit.

After the audit, we can begin the process of optimising your site using both onsite and offsite strategies to build visibility of your site for relevant and converting keyword phrases in search engines like Google.

If you are about to engage a developer to build a new website, give them the opportunity to discuss what they do to make your website optimised. Often they’ll recommend a post launch SEO strategy or they may refer you to an SEO specialist like Yellow Door Digital.

If you’d like a free mini website health check where we can take a look at your website, what its optimised for and give you some recommendation for SEO opportunities, simply request a Free Mini Website Health Check now and we’ll get onto it.