Why we're smitten with Shopify for eCommerce

If you've been web developer hunting for an agency to help bring your bricks and mortar store to life in Internet land then you're likely to have come across Wordpress. Particularly if you're in Geelong where Wordpress developers abound. Don't get us wrong, Wordpress is a great platform and combined with WooCommerce, it provides a excellent option for eCommerce. We've spent our fair share of time building sites on Wordpress. That was until we discovered Shopify.

Shopify was founded in 2004 and by 2017 it was powering more than 600,000 stores with combined revenues totally around $55 billion. We think that's a fair few reasons you should at least take a look at Shopify as a platform for your eCommerce dreams.

Five reasons we love Shopify

1. It's backend is pretty. I guess that sounds pretty superficial, but when you're poking around in the Content Management its just nice to have logical layout and clearly marked sections to help you navigate to your content.

Geelong Shopify Developer. Why we love Shopify.

2. Themes, themes, themes. Over 100 themes to choose from (free & paid) and they've all got eCommerce design as their priority.

Shopify Theme Store

3. Awesome Support. We're fans of their 24/7 live chat support option, but you could call them or email them too. But the 24/7 support connects you with knowledgeable Shopify professionals that know their stuff. No bots replying and shooting you back to the FAQs page this is real live humans who are friendly, upbeat and hands on to help you sort out your issue or escalate it if its not possible to solve then and there.

Shopify offer great support options. Our favourite is the 24/7 chat line.

4. Hosting, Payments, Security. With Shopify your website hosting and payment handling is all part of the package. No need to find hosting to append to your website and leave your worries about the security behind. To add a tiny bit of geek speak, all Shopify stores benefit from their Level 1 PCI compliant security

5. Transparency. Shopify spell the fees & charges out well. Yes they charge a fee for store transactions and a monthly fee to use the platform but its all very clear with no hidden fees or charges. With no hosting fees (remember thats sorted for you!) we're pretty certain Shopify is just as affordable as other eCommerce options.

There's a fair bit more we love about Shopify but if you're ready to open your doors in the wide world of the Internet then we invite you to use our Shopify developer link here and take a Two Week Free Trial  or contact us to discuss more of Shopify's great features.

Great Aussie websites built using Shopify:


and here's a few built and managed by us:


And because everyone loves a peek inside a cool office, check out Shopify's cool San Francisco digs.

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